While the Spring is usually the best time to put your house on the market to sell, that’s not possible for some home owners.  Even if you missed out on the so-called selling season, not all is lost.


First, lets get real with the proper exterior pictures that should be used when the snow starts flying.  If its middle of winter and you are advertising the house that looks like the picture was taken in June, the first thought that a buyer will have is that this house has been on the market FOREVER!  And as a result, buyers will think the house is overpriced and won’t want to see a house that nobody else had interest in buying.


Secondly pricing in the Wintertime is extremely important!  Demand in the Chicagoland area drops on average 57% during the months of December and January.   Keep in mind though that over 6000 homes close each month during the winter season.  This proves that buyers are still moving in Chicago, despite the cold. The positive aspect to Winter, is that inventory drops approximately 40%!  Meaning there is much less competition for sellers looking to make a move and if a buyer happens to make an offer they are more than likely very interested.


And that brings up to our final point… buyers in the Winter are extremely motivated!  When its 10 degrees outside, what sane person would want to be looking at properties? And better yet, what agent is out showing an unqualified buyer during this time? 


In my experience, despite the common belief that homes don’t sell during the cold season, trust me there are many people relocating to Chicago or in need of a new house.  Winter is a great time to sell and the cold gets rid of the pesky looky loos not in the market to buy!