How to decorate your home for the holidays without hurting the sale



Are you someone who looks forward to putting up tacky yard statues or having flashing lights and colorful accents all over your home? If you are and you are trying to sell your home, I would reconsider the way you decorate this year! I won’t argue with you that those decorations can make your home more cheerful and inviting, but you also have to remember that buyers need to have an easy time imagining themselves living there. Don’t worry though because you don’t have to ditch the decorations altogether! Here are some tips on how to keep the holiday spirit going in your home without turning off buyers.



“Holidays can be personal on a lot of levels, but you want to make sure your decor is neutral,” advises Amy Powers, owner of Accent Home Staging & Interiors of Atlanta. “You want to romance your buyer, not invite them to your Christmas party.”



                  Tips on how to keep the holiday spirt going without turning off your buyers


  1. Staging: Before you start decorating make sure you clean and stage your everyday clutter. This way when your decorations are up it won’t look over crowded.
  2. Complement your palette: Make sure your decorations match your current décor. Don’t have your decorations clashing or have to many color schemes going on. 
  3. Accentuate the positive: Try not to use to many holiday collections to distract the buyers from looking at the home. Use small accessories to bring attention to your home’s best features. For example, a mistletoe dangling in a arched doorway or a menorah on the ledge of a bay window. This will catch the buyers eyes and give them ideas for their own holiday traditions.
  4. Go light on lights: Step away from the inflatable snowman, Clark Griswold. Try steering away from the flashy inflatable decorations in the front yard as it can distract buyers from the yard and outside of the house. Instead use lights to draw attention to a beautiful tree in the front yard or emphasize the architecture of your home.
  5. Mind the tree: Go for a tall tree to show off your high ceilings. If you have a smaller family room then go for a skinner tree so it doesn’t make it look even more closed in. When decorating try to stay away from personalized ornaments or crazy colors. Try to keep it simple and neutral.